Privacy Policy

To provide round the clock contact for Tires-Coupons customers, the company offers the contact form available on the Tires-Coupons website which can be completed and dispatched. Company customers that are receiving emails or other information materials from Tires-Coupons and do not wish to receive them in the future, can use the above contact form to notify Tires-Coupons and be unsubscribed from the specific mailing

Customers and visitors who would like to be aware of the types of information collected at the Tires-Coupons website are informed that the Tires-Coupons web server collects the following data of address or other type for each Tires-Coupons company website visitor: the domain name, the email address for customer contacting Tires-Coupons by email, any information comprising survey related information and /or registration at the Tires-Coupons website.

The information and data outlined above are collected by Tires-Coupons to be used in the company’s internal reviews. On completion of reviewing, the information used is discarded, or if it contains suggestions related to the improvement of the Tires-Coupons website such suggestions are gratefully taken into consideration. The practices and policy of Tires-Coupons do not involve the sharing of customer submitted information and data with any commercial companies or organizations which can use them for their business purposes. Likewise, the practices and policy of Tires-Coupons do not involve the selling or submitting in any way of customers email addresses to any other companies which can use them for their business ends. To comply with the wishes of Tires-Coupons customers for opting out of receiving any promotion materials such as Tires-Coupons newsletters, Tires-Coupons enables them to indicate so promptly and conveniently.

With respect to cookies, Tires-Coupons customers and website visitors should be assured that there are no cookies set by Tires-Coupons for any tracking purposes. Tires-Coupons merchants can set cookies to Tires-Coupons website visitors, for the above mentioned purposes of tracking. Tires-Coupons merchants websites can be the first to load in visitors’ browsers when they open the Tires-Coupons website. Besides merchants, Tires-Coupons advertisers which are ad server companies have established their beneficial partnership with Tires-Coupons and work on the advertising of the Tires-Coupons website. Such ad server companies’ websites can be the first to open when the website visitors click on the links provided, or else online visitors to the Tires-Coupons website can be redirected to the specific advertising company’s website in the current window.

Owing to the evolving online market, Tires-Coupons can be led to use customer supplied information for some newly developed uses that have not been anticipated in the present privacy policy. In such cases when the Tires-Coupons information practices have to change, the company shall use the information collected from Tires-Coupons customers for these newly developed uses only starting from the time of the change introduced onwards.

The highest standards of security measures and encryption technologies are strictly observed by Tires-Coupons with respect to the transfer of customers data and information in the exchange with the Tires-Coupons website. Besides the security implemented at the website, the Tires-Coupons physical facilities are also provided with the highest level security measures to prevent information misuse, alteration, or loss.

Tires-Coupons customers who are not certain that the information policy outlined herein is observed can contact The Federal Trade Commission via phone: 202.FTC-HELP (202.382.4357), or via email:

Thank you for choosing Tires-Coupons.