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The Terms and Conditions which are listed on this web page refer to and cover the use of the Tires-Coupons website and the types of use of the Tires-Coupons website content that are authorized under the present Terms and Conditions. Online customers of Tires-Coupons who access the website and wish to use Tires-Coupons services to purchase products and services available at discount rates or with coupons through the Tires-Coupons website should be aware that in so doing they indicate their consent to the agreement with Tires-Coupons and consider themselves bound by the terms of that agreement. Online visitors who have read the Terms and Conditions listed herein but do not find them acceptable and do not wish to indicate any binding to the agreement are asked to note that they should not use the Tires-Coupons website or the services offered through it, as they can only do so if they agree to abide by the present Terms and Conditions.

Under the present Terms and Conditions, Tires-Coupons online visitors are offered to use the Tires-Coupons services as long as they employ them for their own needs, in their personal activities and life, and not for any commercial purposes whatsoever. Any copying, printing, storing, etc. of any part of the Tires-Coupons content for personal needs of the types indicated above are authorized under the present Terms and Conditions. The forwarding of website content for personal needs is also authorized, and people doing so are asked to point out they do that in favor of Tires-Coupons. No alterations or modifications of the Tires-Coupons website content are authorized, and no copying, printing, storing, etc. of Tires-Coupons website information for commercial needs are authorized, whether directly, in writing, or through email.

Tires-Coupons has the pleasure to provide its online customers with the latest offers and deals of online merchants who use the Tires-Coupons website to publicize them and offer discount rates and coupons. Tires-Coupons does its best to provide current up-to-date information on offers and deals which are valid for the current period. However, Tires-Coupons does not provide warranties in any form, either directly or indirectly, related to the offers and deals advertised on the Tires-Coupons website. Furthermore, no responsibility is assumed on part of Tires-Coupons for any omissions, inaccuracies or errors which may be found in the Tires-Coupons website.

The discounts and coupons advertised on the Tires-Coupons website are offered by various online merchants. However, the fact that they use the Tires-Coupons website does not mean Tires-Coupons endorses the products or services advertised. Tires-Coupons extends no guarantees on offers or deals offered by any merchants, and Tires-Coupons customers should be aware that merchants using the Tires-Coupons website to advertise their products can change their offers whenever they deem it appropriate, or they can withdraw them if they wish. Tires-Coupons does not control such online merchants, their websites, or their offers and deals. Consequently, Tires-Coupons does not assume responsibility for the use of the content provided on the Tires-Coupons website. Online customers should note that they should first check whether online merchants are legitimate entities and have a trustworthy reputation before they decide to use their services or buy their products accompanied by promotions and discounts.

Tires-Coupons website visitors are also asked to note that the contents of the Tires-Coupons website can be altered at any time without the need for providing prior notice on part of Tires-Coupons. Furthermore, Tires-Coupons does not assume responsibility for the results of using the Tires-Coupons website content, or for any direct losses or damages, or for consequential losses or damages suffered in using the content for any personal purposes.